PGI Aviation

Position Title: Associate Intelligence Manager/Contracted Army Staff Action Officer

Intelligence Managers shall provide intelligence support to Army G2-Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) projects with a specific focus on providing evaluations of Research and Development (R&D) efforts relevant to the intelligence community and strategies to evaluate, develop, or transition technologies to the intelligence community and/or the Army Programs of Record. Intelligence Managers at times will be directed by the Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) or other party designated by the Contracting Officer with specific topics for examination such as evaluation of advanced ISR system concepts, recommended methodologies to develop, evaluate, or transition advanced ISR systems, identify ISR systems to fulfill a ISR requirements, recommend paths for transition of technologies. The output required for these products may take the form of an Information Paper, Point Paper, White Paper, Mission Area Analysis, Viewgraph presentation, capability briefs, and power point presentations. The COR will provide a description of the required output and the required delivery schedule for the required output to the Contractor at the same time the specific topic is provided as well as background information. Upon receipt of a specific topic, the Intelligence Manager shall begin addressing the topic and producing the required output. Upon completion of the required output, the Contractor shall deliver the required output to the Government.

Tasks: Intelligence Managers have implied tasks and provide at the request of Military and/or Department of Army Civilians the following:

  1. Written reports on all meetings and correspondence between government personnel and for tracking.
  2. Executive Summaries for senior staff on outcomes and due outs of meetings.
  3. Updates to calendars for senior leader’s awareness of upcoming meetings.
  4. Develop briefings for seniors on various programs.
  5. Coordinate as required for scheduling meetings with various Program Managers and Industry for senior leaders.
  6. Provide Subject Matter Expertise on all matters concerning Intelligence, Reconnaissance, and Surveillance.
  7. Coordinate with Army Staff on future transition and awareness of the capability.
  8. Coordinate with necessary Department of Defense (DOD), Intelligence Community (IC), and private organizations on the transition of capabilities, relevant policies, and funding of ISR capabilities for the Army G2.
  9. Working with Office of Secretary of Defense (OSD) and Undersecretary of Defense Intelligence (USD-I) to set up meetings with senior leaders.
  10. Working with program offices to develop briefings for Army leaders to present at meetings for change in policies.
  11. Coordinating development of recommendations for funding strategies.

COCOM Science & Technology Conferences Coordination

  1. Attend key conferences and workshops to ensure Army interests are considered.
  2. Provide awareness of current capabilities as they relate to COCOM’s capability gaps.
  3. Coordinate with Army COCOM offices to provide a venue to bring information back to G-2 on program success or failures to meet requirements.
  4. Provide awareness back to Army staff on other JCTD efforts being utilized within COCOMs that may be able to be leveraged to reduce expense of Army initiated program or duplication of efforts.

OSD/AT&L Special Capability Office Coordination

  1. Attend briefings on special programs that may be of interest to Army that are under development or current fielding by other government agencies.
  2. Coordinate leveraging the extensive knowledge and acquisition structure within SCO office to support ongoing or new start Army programs.
  3. Schedule meetings with SCO action officers per guidance or knowledge with Army staff members.

Army S&T subject matter expert

  1. Attend meetings with industry or government personnel to provide input on programs, operations, or engineering.
  2. Provide experience to Army personnel on programs and official actions to improve overall knowledge of office on topics of ISR.
  3. Work with other government agencies to ensure Army’s interests are ensured during discussions of programs, funding, policy, and the development of new technologies.

Army Action Officer Support

Coordinate meetings between Army staff & Industry

  1. Coordinate meetings with senior Army G-2 staff with other government agencies or industry on topics concerning, but not limited to, ISR technology developments.

Work Location: Pentagon, Washington DC. Travel 50-75% CONUS and OCONUS.

Experience/Education: Candidate shall have a minimum of 6 years operational experience in the Intelligence and/or Special Operations Community. Experience as a staff officer at DoD (or other agencies) and SEMA aviator or ISR sensor operator experience is a plus. Bachelor’s degree and 4 years of formal military experience can substitute for 8 years of total experience.