PGI Aviation

PGI Aviation LLC

  • Pilots for a BD-700 LIDAR platform in OCONUS operations
  • Pilots and operators for CONUS government customer (PC-12 and Beech B-300)
  • Pilots for a USAF C-20 LIDAR platform in Afghanistan
  • First flights, test and calibration on Boeing YELLOW JACKET sensor platform, Army EMARSS and Boeing ERRP with PGI Chief Test Pilot (TPS Grad) and DER (pilots and operators)
  • CONOPS development consulting for a Swiss company team proposal to UAE (operators)
  • Trained foreign military on integrated Imagery/SIGINT platform for the US SOCOM (operators)
  • Tested, evaluated and operated a one-of-a-kind passive advanced telecommunications intercept/DF system in US and Iraq (operators)


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