PGI Aviation

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Low visibility, discrete, quiet professionals, trained by the Nation and dedicated to National objectives



Dedicated, trained and experienced ISR experts who are:
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  • Intelligence and operational professionals from both highly specialized units/agencies and the conventional force
  • Part of a sensor platform team, understanding and employing the platform according to the requirements of the sensor operators
  • Cleared at the TS/SCI levels
  • (leadership) practiced in surveillance detection, personal and group protection, SERE, tactical flying and driving
  • Mature, seniorĀ  civil aviators, most of whom are dual-rated (fixed wing and rotary-wing helicopter)
  • Seasoned deployers accustomed to living in hard places on fluid schedules



Experience and Proven Performance
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  • Intelligence and Operational Professionals from Highly Specialized Units
  • Cleared at TS/SCI levels
  • Master Trainers and Operators (>15 yrs experience)
  • Technical
    • Strategic to highly specialized close access SIGINT (air and ground)
    • All former SMU Operators
  • Operational
    • Operational experts from National Mission Force Units as well as National Intelligence Agencies
    • All practiced in surveillance detection, personal and group protection, SERE, and tactical driving
  • Extensive Joint Staff and Inter-Agency experience
  • Extensive Technical Intelligence experience


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